Hi - My name is Mike Spears. I am an iOS, Android, and Web developer.




Running the Nord Modular Editor (v3.03 for Windows) on Raspberry Pi 400.






gen_ext is a wrapper that lets you compile code exported from a Max gen~ object into an "external" object that can be loaded into a PureData patch.




reach is a Twine story format for authoring immersive XR narratives, environments and prototypes.


reach works as a custom story format for Twine, a popular tool for creating interactive stories. The reach story format adds custom codes to Twine that you can use to specify content that will appear in an interactive virtual world. reach also includes a runtime that renders your story as a virtual 3D environment in your browser. The reach runtime is built on top of the a-frame 3D browser framework.


Vitamin Lead 8


Vitamin Lead is a polyphonic synth for Organelle S/M with a subtractive synthesis engine inspired by classic virtual analogue synths like the Nord Lead and others.




Enrichment is a messy low-fi, low-pass distorted filter effect for the Organelle S/M synth. It likes to receive a good loud input signal.




The tulooper is an Organelle patch that uses MIDI song position pointer and MIDI transport messages features to play random-access loops on your OP-1 tape.




MirrorXML is an Objective-C wrapper for the libxml2 SAX XML & HTML4 parser. It lets you bind handler blocks to detected nodes using XPath-like selectors that are matched during SAX parsing. You can grab it on Github here.




AI2CG is a free plugin I created for AI CS6 and later (currently has been tested on AI 2014). It will export CoreGraphics code for iOS (& OSX) from an Adobe Illustrator document.



My Instagram handle is @samesimilar. You can send me an e-mail at samesimilar@gmail.com