The AI2CG plugin lets you export CoreGraphics code (in C) for iOS and Mac OS X from an Adobe Illustrator document. It’s a great shortcut for getting started with basic CoreGraphics drawing code. It was inspired by MIX Online’s ai2canvas plugin.



This plugin can export Illustrator paths and shapes as CGMutablePathRefs. It handles all the standard path and fill properties. Also supported: clipping masks, groups, compound shapes, gradients, blend and tansparency groups, and graphic styles. If an object or effect cannot be expanded to paths, it will be exported as a rasterized file (in @1x and @2x resolutions). Text is expanded to paths currently before being exported to code.



Warning: This software is experimental, but it seems to work. In particular, it will not warn you if you are about to overwrite and existing file with its output. It may write additional files and folders (for rasterized images). I recommend that you export to an empty folder.

1. Download the plugin. (64-bit for Mac Only. AI CS6 and higher.)

2. Open the .zip file you downloaded, and copy the .aip file into /Applications/Adobe Illustrator/Plug-Ins

3. Re-open Adobe Illustrator



In Adobe Illustrator, click File -> Export, then select the CoreGraphics (.m) export type.



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